Aquascoop Gogo

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Aquascope goes Gogo

The Aquascoop is a slender metal stand with telescopic function that allows the sink to be ergonomically adjustable in height.

The sloping back also allows the hairdresser to wash sitting down. The telescopically adjustable washbasin gives optimum space for one of the Kiela work stools (Lady JockeySaddle bikeTabouret).

The Aquascoop can be combined with various seats. In this case with the Gogo seat, which makes a nice combination with the Gogo hooded chair possible. The upholstery can be chosen from 23 different artificial leathers and colours.

The basin includes a mixer tap and hand shower with long shower hose and hygienic neck guard.

The stand is available in a black and silver painted version. The rear caps are black plastic in both cases.

By placing the stylised  Shampoo desk  in wood decor of your choice, you also have shampoos and towels within easy reach when washing.

Are you charmed by Gogo but prefer washing with a sink on a tilt mechanism? Then check out Aquaplus Gogo

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