Made in Holland

Kiela is primal Dutch and has won its spurs in the hairdressing industry for 85 years. Every product originates on its own design table and is shaped down to component level.

Production then takes place in our own factory in Driebruggen. This development and production ensures high quality, short delivery times and excellent after-sales service. Curious about what this looks like?

Barber chairs

Discover the craftsmanship of Kiela, where solid craftsmanship meets contemporary design. Manufactured in the Netherlands, our barber chairs offer comfort combined with style.

Choose from 33 colours of upholstery and various bases so that your chair perfectly matches your desired atmosphere and application.
from € 1.232,00 excluding VAT
from € 1.232,00 excluding VAT
from € 1.054,00 excluding VAT
from € 1.283,00 excluding VAT
Aquascope Big Brother
from € 2.336,00 excluding VAT
Wellness Sister
from € 2.358,00 excluding VAT
Chill One
from € 3.936,00 excluding VAT
Aqua-Relax XL 
from € 3.234,00 excluding VAT

Wash units

Discover the perfect combination of style and comfort with Kiela's wash units.
Manufactured in the Netherlands, our barber sinks offer a luxurious salon experience, with a focus on ergonomic design and durability.

Dressing tables and receptions

Dutch craftsmanship; stylish dressing tables designed for ease of use
Kiela dressing tables combine Dutch craftsmanship with high-quality materials, not only enhancing the aesthetics of your salon, but also making everyday use practical and elegant.
Mood wall-mounted table
from € 1.162,00 excluding VAT
Metro dressing table
from € 2.086,00 excluding VAT
Libero Wood freestanding double and quadruple dressing table
from € 2.644,00 excluding VAT
Breez freestanding double dressing table
from € 3.450,00 excluding VAT
Lady Jockey
from € 306,00 excluding VAT
Colour trolley
from € 264,00 excluding VAT
from € 499,00 excluding VAT
from € 394,00 excluding VAT


Discover indispensable interior accessories from Kiela. From elegant footrests to practical hairdryer holders, organised work trolleys and handy hairdresser's bicycles. Each accessory combines stylish design with high-quality materials, perfectly tailored to your hairdressing salon environment.

Experience the added value of Kiela's practical and stylish interior accessories, designed to optimise convenience in your hair salon.
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