Loox wandkaptafel

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She's got the Loox

Loox dressing table is composed of a stainless steel frame with high mirror under which a panel in wood decor of your choice from the Kiela Laminates separated by a glass shelf. The dressing table has a luxuriously rounded front which is emphasised by the stainless steel frame. With the wooden lower panel of your choice, you give the dressing table the "looks" you want. Whether you do so with warm wood tones such as walnut or oak or with a cooler concrete decor or 'greige'; this dressing table will give your salon a chic look. The combination with one of the Kiela kapfauteils such as U-Box or Sister in any of the 23 colourways completes it. The dressing table has an attached footrest made of stainless steel.

On request, the dressing table can be extended with an intermediate cabinet with storage space, turning it into a free-standing double dressing table. There is a choice between an intermediate cabinet with five open compartments on each side or a cabinet with five open compartments on one side and space closed by a door on the other side.

A matching stainless steel hairdryer holder is available for the dressing table.

The dressing table is also available with LED lighting around the mirror (on request for freestanding model).



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Dressing table:
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